Aeroport Catering was founded in 1994. The original name of the Company was Serviciul Catering LLC. In 2003 Serviciul Catering was reorganized into Aeroport Catering JSC. We position ourselves as a dining solutions company serving quality food to international flight passengers and crews.
We also offer catering for banquets, buffets and cocktails, corporate parties, dinner dances, weddings and business events. We are entrusted with serving official delegations and honorary guests of the Republic of Moldova.
Our cooks and confectioners are there to offer their skills, experience and expertise to meet the needs of our most exacting and sophisticated customers.

Policy Statement on the Integrated Management System


Customer Testimonials

I'm citizen of SUISSE, was surprise by service and very tasty food, from bar "Galaxia" of inside Aeroport. Thank you.